Do you remember the last time you agreed to do something so outside your comfort zone that it gave you an immediate adrenaline rush, bordering on anxiety? For me, that was March 17th when I agreed to be a guest on the Go Time podcast. Go Time is, “Your weekly podcast with diverse discussions from around the Go community.” In other words, if you enjoy both Go and podcasts, subscribe to Go Time.

I think being a long time listener of the podcast, and the realization that it’s live-streamed on YouTube (i.e., no redoes) made me all the more anxious. On top of that, it’s one thing to listen to great conversations, but it’s entirely different being in the hot seat. In the end, I had fun, and my initial reaction proved to be an overreaction. I hope my episode lives up to their (and your) standards despite being way outside my comfort zone.

Check it out for yourself. Go Time 176: TCP & UDP – Listen on